sew what!

 I am sewing...every single day.
My brain is sweating and my lower back is mad about my poor posture 
but, I am sewing.
And I am loving it.
I am learning so much.

For example:
 -following the quilt along instructions about fat quarters is a good idea (I did not follow)
-6.5 quilting squares are not made equal...go with the grip...pay the extra
-straight lines are not always straight
-my dog Titus likes to sit behind me on the chair while I sew (and rest his head on me)
-if you place your layout on the floor everyone has an opinion...including the dog
-math is good. 
-pairs matter

What I am learning the most about quilting is...
I got this.
I can do this.
This is a big project but I have time.
Mistakes happen.
Live and learn.
Stitch rippers are so handy.
Color makes the world go round.
Working with your hands and using your creativity is life giving.
Sewing penny patches makes you think of love.
and even if in the end I don't like it or if it is not my best work, 
I can proudly say,
"I did this!  I did not give up! I am awesome"
and then I will watch Kid President.



  1. wow, this is awesome-i wish i could sew!

  2. the colors and patterns are so pretty... can't wait to see it all come together : )


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