nutty bread

 The smell of hot buttered toast is almost enough to kick me off the paleo (don't like that word) wagon.
Pretty sure if the primal (don't like that word either) eating hadn't changed my life so radically,
 I would eat hot buttered toast nearly everyday!
For sure everyday.

All it took was a dang photo of nut bread.
Paleo nut bread.
Research ensued.

Narrowed my choices down to 3 recipes.
The big plan was to make all 3 in the same day to "taste test".
A feast of hot buttered nut bread.
Big plans fail sometimes.
I only made one loaf.

Chock full of seeds and nuts.
Flax, pepitas, walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds and whatever I could scrounge up.
Sadly, my flax was staring to have a funky taste...
I wish I caught that before I spent the time & moola on primal nutty bread.

Man o man was the aroma amazing.
Dense, heavy, nutty aroma...like the smell of autumn, minus the fall leaves and artificial pumpkin.

Toasted with honey.
Oh my!
I will try the other two recipes and compare but for now this nutbread recipe stays on the side of the fridge to be made again in the near future.

Have you ever made nut bread?

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