In which I must embrace myself

Some days, when we look in the mirror we see the greys, the wrinkles, 
the muffin top, the unmade bed 
and the dog hair mess on the floor.

Why can't we see the laugh lines, the generous heart, the strong legs and clear skin?
Where is the heart we wear on our sleeve and the joy we carry in our heart?

When we see others, 
we notice their cool gingham top and chunky necklace...so stylish and pulled together...
but really aren't we drawn to their spirit...
their laugh, their spunk and even their sorrow.

When we remember friends from the past, 
do even remember if their thighs touched or if they had a pimple on their left cheek?
Don't we fondly recall how they threw their head back when they laughed 
or how they made a mean cheesecake.

Isn't the remembrance about how they showed up, stood up and were just themselves?

Let's look in the mirror and see our inner self first 
and then admire our awesome orange handbag.

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