in the flare

Sometimes in the aftermath of sorrow and in the weariness of grief we still see the sun.
Like a flare out of the corner of our eye.
Sending out shards of hope and spots of grace.
The hope to carry on. 
The promise of brighter days and warmer moments.
Sorrow can cause us to turn inward and suck the very marrow from our days.
The cry headaches and the bone weary tiredness.
Yet, a broken heart keeps on beating.
Life does march forward at an alarming pace.
 Loved ones sidle in and out of our days and we make peace with this new normal.
Grief surprises and startles me.
Unprepared even when I felt prepared.
Grief has a way of bringing up all the other bits of sorrow sown deep in our souls.
Giving space for tears and love.
Without love there wouldn't be sorrow, would there?
Loving deeply and fully.
Embracing the sorrow and looking towards the sun.

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