fall-ish decor

Our living room on Saturday morning.
Not magazine perfect with karate chopped pillows and charming children reading books, 
but functional, cheery, tidy and lived in...
just the way I like it.

 The seasons are changing.
Halloween and Thanksgiving loom right around the corner.
In years gone by, I would decorate to the nines, but the past 2 years the seasonal decor barely changed, with the exception of the champagne tinsel Christmas tree.
(note: we are back in the music making routine...Jude=piano John=mandolin Delia=clarinet)

I thought I would share how I go about switching up the decor around these parts.

First things first.
Clear the surfaces, dust and clean.
Prep for the new vignette.
Part of my real-life job includes prepping for visual changes in the store...by favorite part of my job.

 Gather "props" from here and there.
Thinking about color and themes.
I always try to avoid buying more stuff and use what I have on hand.
Aiming for subtle autumn and a look that would cross over until 
Christmas decorations fall out of the sky.

 This is the finished look.
Simple, quiet and a wee bit festive.
Pops of orange and yellow.

 Glitter spiders and gourds.
Old books and a spittoon.

I will add more pumpkins, gourds and possibly a small wheat sheaf 
but I only had 1 pumpkin on hand and pumpkin run was not in the cards.
A leaf garland will be added this week...stay tuned for a DIY.

How do you decorate and incorporate your day to day life?

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  1. i associate spittoons more with winter...nothing like a good dip when it's raining.


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