daring adventures...homework week 3 & 4

 A treasure hunt for yellow.
Assigned for week 3.

 Oh, the hues of yellow.
I love them all.
From my sunny yellow kitchen to my new favorite mustard yellow cardigan.

 Week 4;  in search of green.
Yellow and green are a perfect pairing.

Yellow and brown are a great combo too. 

 As well as red and yellow...especially on apples.
Which reminds me, 'tis the season for apple crisp.

 Cats in green.
Oh, so lazy.

 Backyard goodness.
I always wanted a house by the sea with a lemon tree.
Instead, I have a rental near the bay with 2 lemon trees.

 Party goodness.

 Perfection in a caterpillar.

 A teeny melon fighting for the summer.

Autumn waiting patiently.

 Bursting forth in color.

 Yellow and green in the kitchen.

 I spy greenish yellow.

Speaking of color, have you seen this Pantone project that the ever talented Amy Krouse Rosenthal put together?

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  1. Its so nice to slow down and take in the small things. Thanks for sharing.


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