daring adventures week 3-collage

 Week 3 is collage projects.
Open ended.
For years I have wanted to collage.
I had the boards, the medium, the papers and the time but fear ruled.
When fear rules rarely do things get done.
All I needed was to pay for an online class, sit in a creative frame of mind 
and set a couple of hours aside.
I tried to wait for free time without the kids but that never comes to fruition,
 so yesterday when Jude and his friend were working on their 
spelling sentences I got down to business.
The business of creativity and collaging.

 I pulled out years worth of papers and bits.
Consulted my trusty assistant and set to work.

 Gluing, pasting, moving, changing and on and on.

Project #1
Maybe the piece is finished. 
Maybe there is more work to do.
The ever changing nature of art.

Project #2.
Not my favorite but the process...
oh so good to quell the angry voice of self doubt and failure.
To stand up and say, 
"I am creative and therefore I will create."
Daring to be brave.
Isn't that what I am paying for in the class?
The chance to to dare.

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  1. i love it! making me want to collage.... way to walk with courage!


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