school days-art museum style

On Friday we went to SF, and on a tip of a friend decided to stop at SFMOMA as the museum is closing this weekend for 2+ years and it was free.
A wonderful and quick trip through the exhibits...paying attention to some of the artists we learned about this year (Kahlo, Rivera and Matisse) and stops at the "maker" kiosks set up all over the building.

 We tasted TCHO and candied citrus peel, oversaw hand lettering, and explored rooftop camping.

 Colorful stripes.

 And dots.

 After the SFMOMA we headed across the street to the Children's Creativity Museum for a little clay animation stop action video making.

 Clay sculptures are not as easy as they look.
Nor is collaborative video making.

 My rendering of Titus.

 we topped the school day off with a carousel ride and

Plus a bit of handicrafts on BART.
A day of art...homeschool out and about.

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  1. dude - you got some mad clay skillz. and for another thing - get that "afternoon snack" in my belly! NOW! yummers.


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