a quick recap of the past month

Em & Molly came for a visit.

 There was a snake in my house...insert a gasp...Jude got to hold the creature.
This is the kind of pet that will not be found in my home.

 Fond farewell to our homeschool (charter school) teacher/mentor.

 A trial dog sit day with Mikey.

 A fond farewell to speech therapy (aka listening therapy).
Eliminating the 45min commute for speech services.

 Titus on a mellow day...pre-mat shredding.

 Building an atom model...not a true atom but a colorful atom shaped model.

 Best brunch of the year with Annalea...love that girl.
IRL moment but it felt like we had been friends forever.
Love when that happens.

 Fathers Day Festivities.

 Penny came for a puppy playdate...so fun.


 A blessingsway craft.
Mobile for the baby.

Sunday afternoon baby shower love.

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  1. Awesome! First, I think Jude should get a snake... if he can stand to feed it. That's what I told my Jude. lol. Love 'em, but feeding isn't fun. Second - two farewells... that must have been tough. Sorry friend. Third - brunch with Annalea - awesomeness! Once day girlfriend. You and me. Face. To. Face! xo


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