yesterday...in photos

 Graduate, complete with "shake a paw" trick.

 Picnic in the park to celebrate and to nap.

 Final ranch day, with heavy hearts.

 The farmer and her harvest.

 Peony love and reminder of Auntie Glenda.

 Dinner guest chillin' with Delia.

 Now it is a dinner party!

 Treefort ambush.

Nature...walking stick.
Just because it is easy to pass through and forget these full blessed days...
the days of headaches, too many appointments, pop by visits and golden summer evenings slip through too easily.


  1. Nice to be thought of in your busy day! :)

  2. LOVE the pics and your wonderful blog!!

  3. ok, now this is funny. I guess you shouldn't have been bragging about Titus' graduation from Manners school! ha ha ha. Life... fully of irony. xo


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