when life happens

So life happens.  
Days stretch into weeks. Piles turn into heaps.
The sunlight sticks around longer and the nights magically shorten.

We've planted a veggie garden, with high hopes of food this summer.
Gardening simply takes large chunks of time as I hand water, hand weed and 
basically tend the garden every time I am in the backyard.
A few weekends back, John moved plants, dug holes, anchored beds and helped with all the heavy labor. The kids pitched in with weeding and watering.
A little bit of "The Little Red Hen" philosophy thrown into the day.
I love to garden and wish I could devote hours a day to tending.
Tending of a different sort fills my days.
The tending of children.
The tending of souls, tender hearts and precious extraordinary lives.
This kind of tending can be life giving and life sucking all at the same time.
Some days I have it all together and think "Wow!"
Other days feel more like a slow draining bathtub.
Yet, everyday, there it it is, a new day, full of mercy, hope and grace.
The awareness that I do not know how many days I will live out
 or how many Jude and Delia will have haunts me and thrills me simultaneously.
This wild and precious life, making each day, each memory and each moment count.
Count for goodness and love.
And grace.
Which conveniently I have tatted on my forearms in case I forget.
This morning I let a curse fly...which is why parenting is the perfect forum for seeking forgiveness.

Yesterday the cat and the dog had a fight and I was caught in the crossfire,
with cat scratches down my back to prove it. 
I may or may not have been the only one harmed in the exchange and I may or may not have learned a lesson...do not lean over a cat while he is eating if you have a large food driven puppy.

Speaking of puppies, Titus is taking manner classes, which is really code for dog owner manner classes.  We may or may not be learning about positive reinforcement.
We are however, paying good money, to pretend that we know what we are doing.
Owning a pup is possibly the most trying adventure of a marriage.
Enough said.

With the month of May, came the brilliant idea to complete another Whole30...
right back to where it all started last year.  
I am on day 6 and wondering to myself "Why?".  
Then I recall my love affair with fried potatoes and corn and remember that I need to balance it all out...or so I think.  Perhaps what I really need is no balance at all.
I did spend all day Saturday baking for a baby shower...I did cheat (yes, I have the need to confess).
I couldn't resist this batter. Truly divine.

Jude is trying a gluten, sugar and dairy free diet, of his own accord.  
He is showing remarkable discipline. 
I think it will be short lived as there are cookies in the house. (shower leftovers)

Just enough blather for a Monday morning.  
Time to brace myself for the week, make another pot of coffee, hop in the shower 
and get this party started.

Yet, here it is, a full blessed, good life.
As it has been said,
"Everyday is a new adventure".

Adventure on, my friends, adventure on.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my first blog post back in a year Nicole. I wasn't sure if anyone would see it since I've been gone so long. I did a little tending to my balcony garden today, planting flowers in pots. I like that too, but tending to Children is of course the best of all.

  2. love this post and your analogy of parenting to life giving and sometimes a total drain - like the slow drain of a bathtub. awesome.

    hang in there... that's what I tell myself all the time. New day. New journey. New discoveries. New grace!

    PS - Feedly is not a fan of your blog for me. don't know why. your last several posts weren't showing up at all. I had to unsubscribe and resubscribe and it's still acting up. dont understand. everything else transferred fine. Glad to see you're still here! xo


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