the thing about heartache

The thing about heartache and heartbreak is everywhere you turn, there it is.
The loss, the hurt , the disappointment, the trauma, whatever kind of heartache it is, 
and there are many kinds,  we are changed.
Altered in ways that leave deep chasms or softened by the dull ache after ache.
Today as I drove down the freeway, I pondered the difficulty of heartache.
A good friend was mugged late last night and my heart breaks for her.
I imagine her heart is aching too.
For a moment, I raced down a list of friends and family 
and was struck by the sheer number of loved ones with heartaches these days.
From illness, to depression, to infertility, to loss, to addictions, to horrific events, to teenagers 
and the list goes on.
I think of my own, still beating yet breaking heart.

So there it is, heartache.
All around.
A bit like love too.
It is all around.

Perhaps the thing about heartache is, that in the midst of our own private (or public) heartbreaks, 
we can pause and see the ache around us.
Just see it.
Perhaps that is the love bit...the seeing.
And then there bit by bit we can carry each other's heartache.
For as ee cummings once wrote,

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

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  1. i just read something yesterday about compassion and how it is loving people in their hurt. it struck something in me. lately i've felt a little overwhelmed by this world awash in hurt, and yet you are right- the love floods right on over that hurt too. thanks, friend.


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