random thoughts on a thursday morning

I walked across the field, the sun beating gently on my shoulders, Titus raced a head of me, wet from a swim in the bay and wildly chasing a tennis ball. 
I thought to myself, " This is the life of a happy dog."
On second thought, I thought, "This is the life of a happy life...this is the good life I am living."
Funny, how a quick jaunt to the dog park and wild, happy puppy can remind me of this good life.
Good not easy.
Good but not without challenges and struggles and pain.
Good not simple.
Who could ask for more...
sunshine on my shoulders
bright blue skies
quietness to ponder
healthy strong body to walk
puppy by my side

The kids had CST testing this week.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach them again this year.
Even if they did not know all the questions of the test, I know their minds are filled with knowledge and understanding and in the long run  that understanding is far more valuable than a test score.
We have a few more weeks of school left.
Loose ends to tie up, reports to write, projects to complete, classes to attend and Howard Zinn to finish reading aloud.
All good stuff.
Looking toward next school year we sit in limbo.
Jude is headed back to school, as a middle-schooler but which school falls in the hands of the district transfer office.
As for Delia, we are caught between the rock of homeschool and the hard place of public school.
I suppose come August we will figure it out.

The sky is blue again today, the summer fruits have hit the markets and we are gorging on raspberries, apricots and strawberries.
 The littles head out to the ranch for an afternoon of exploration...outdoor education and Titus and I hit dog training and hike across a field.

A here it is, this one wild and precious life.
Go on and live your wild and precious life.

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