labor of love

Once upon a time, in land long ago, I stopped by to window shop at Crewkids (J Crew for kids),
and I spotted the cutest tee shirt with a sequin tie.
So cute.
The tee was something crazy like $40.
I thought to myself, "Self, I can make that for way cheaper."

So, I picked up a white tee shirt at Target, beading needles, lovely sequins and seed beads from the craft store.
Looked up a tutorial on how to bead sequins and promptly started the project.
See this blog post proves it.
TWO YEARS AGO people! 
2 years for a hand-beaded crooked-tie turquoise sequined tee shirt for Delia.
Dels is a champ though as she STILL likes it and wants to wear it and it still fits.
Like a miracle I suppose.
Turns out hand beading takes a lot of free time, hand-eye coordination and will power.
Side note: beading and roadtrips do not jive.
Also, it is helpful to finish a project when you buy enough supplies...like sequins at the beginning of the project, saves time...no 6 month searching for the right size and color.
Did I mention that this beauty needs to be hand washed or washed in a lingerie bag?
I sure saved a lot of money.

Total tee shirt cost: $6015
tee: $6
supplies: $9
labor: $6000

A labor of love, indeed.
Isn't this when I say, "Priceless!"


  1. I burst out laughing when I read this! You are so funny, but I guess you wouldn't in interested in making one for me. In fact, I don't think I could afford it. Love you, Aunt Kitty

  2. oh my gosh-dying. laughing at this post! that is so me.


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