What I am eating these days.

 Last night for dinner, I made "fried" chicken with almond meal and shredded coconut.
Earlier in the day I saw a pin for crack broccoli so I knew I had to give it a try...I threw in fennel, as it came in my CSA box last week.
Technically, we had crack broccoli and fennel.

I am coming up on a year of paleo and often I am asked what I cook for the family.
When I cook, because of late it seems we are all over the map at dinner time, I tend to prepare a veggie dish or two or three and meat or a egg dish.
Often I make rice for the family, but if John is not eating with us I usually skip the rice.

For breakfast I tend to eat greens and eggs, coffee and fruit.
Same old same old but super tasty, filling and gets me ready for the day.
This morning I threw in a bit of pancetta to make it super duper tasty.
The kids eat a typical breakfast of cereal, a habit I would love to break but am far to lazy in the morning to get up and prepare eggs and greens for the littles.

More on the Paleo journey and what the future holds foodwise another day,
 as it is off to art class we go.

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  1. the chicken sounds perfect - I may have to try a version of that myself - and the broccoli...that's going to have to happen too.


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