bits and bobs

Bits and bobs from here and there:

The latest Uppercase (see above photo) is awesome sauce!
A new to me website, dailydishonesty...so funny.
The daintiest monogram necklace charms.
The beauty of letterpress...sigh.
Oh how I wish I had an iphone...just for a rifle case.
Next time my brother is in town I will have him build be something like this planter.

Around these parts:

The tree platform that Uncle Jon built is being used as a writing desk for school work...as I write I can hear Jude & Delia "writing".
Jude & Delia have moved on from Miwok to "Warriors and Monsters".
The sun is shining, the grass is cut (thanks John), the garden is growing and all is well.
Titus is racing wildly around the yard and up and over the furniture in the house.
We found a walking stick insect in the backyard today. cool.

Weekend unfolding:

Service project at church and in the community.
Working at a new store...come visit.
Birthday party goodness....multiple birthdays.
Sewing projects...baby gifts and new napkins for the kitchen.
Planting projects...garden dreaming and dirt hauling.
Family time...down time...I hope.

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