Words and thoughts are many, blog posts are far and few between.
Trying, in vain, to soak up the fleeting days of childhood and the still moments caught in the waves of chaos.
Recently, I instigated a self imposed "fast" from pinterest, facebook and blog reading...no time limit just a break. Though over the weekend I popped on to pinterest for a few minutes and jumped on to facebook for fewer minutes...
this is the joy of self imposing fasts.
As it once was said, by Theodore Roosevelt "Comparison is the thief of joy",
somewhere along the way of social media I lost my way and the restlessness set in.
Sometimes one just needs a break, a bit of space, a moment or two to breath, tosee the blessing for what it is.
So the words may be sparse.


  1. hope all is well. I switched over to feedly for my reader now and something is up. your feeds weren't coming through and now I am missing some of them. :( Social media can be the thief of joy and create much restlessness. Hope some time away with family and the Lord has provided peace. love you friend! xo


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