saturday morning dither

 This morning was a rare morning.
By 8am I was still in bed and the house was empty.
Not a child or husband in sight.
A free morning.

 I just couldn't decide, shall I cook, shall I garden, shall I sew?
Shall I take the dog for a run, shall I go help a friend, shall I go to Target?
Perhaps falling back to sleep would be an option.
Turns out not a possibility...dang, motherhood made me lose the ability to sleep-in.

 I am afraid I merely wasted the morning away.
Yet, not really.
I enjoyed the solitude. I swept the floors, made pesto, pulled weeds, came to the end of the internet and feed my body.
Not a waste. 
These days and mornings are so far and few between...except for the summers of course.
Good for me to just dither the morning away.

Now my bed has fresh sheets, there are fewer weeds in the garden, the laundry is folded 
and put away, the second pot of coffee is still hot, the sun is shining 
and the sewing machine is on the table at the ready.
A perfect kinda of Saturday indeed.
It is okay to dither from time to time, isn't it?


  1. glad you had such a leisurely morning! that is a gift!

  2. Do you have a wonderful recipe for pesto sauce?
    I have one an Italian friend gave me years ago, but I did not appreciate it then. Now I do not have the exact amounts. just the secret ingredience.

    I am glad you enjoyed your day alone. Now rare.
    bless you lots,
    March 10
    Proverbs 10:21 The lips of the righteous nourish many
    ( healthy talk )


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