home school...at pixar

 Sometimes when you homeschool, you get the opportunity to go and do and see really cool things instead of sitting at home working on grammar, math and American history.
Actually, it depends on the the kind of homeschool philosophy you subscribe to, but that is a post for a different day.

 Last week we were invite for lunch and tour of Pixar by a dear friend.
The food, of course was amazing and the buildings cool and the whole place had the wonderful aroma of hipster...loved it.
The highlight was seeing the "Brave" artwork and a wee bit of the process.

 Delia has decided that if joining the circus doesn't work out, perhaps a career as a storyboard artist might be just the path for her.

 We love a good tour, the chance to learn about new things and to be "on the inside".
(Last year we toured Google.)

 The students hard at work.
 Home school away from home.

There we are "strangers from the outside".
Thanks Alex!

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