Valentine Arrows

 Crafting arrows on a Saturday afternoon, for a Valentine Potluck with our home school group.
 Delia and I decided, with the help of a pinterest pin or two, 
that colorful arrows would be a brilliant option. 
 Washi tape (which we modge podged to the dowel) and wildly colorful feathers for decoration.
 Glitter paper punched and adhered for arrow heads...a fiddly time consuming task.
Delia wrote a short note on specimen tags and we attached them with a leather tie.
Collaboration at it's finest.
Thankful we only made 15!
The arrows were received well by friends at class but I must admit I thought there would be a whole slew of handmade Valentine's...but the reality is that we are all busy mothers just trying get done what needs to be done.
I love crafting with Delia.
Jude chose not to participate but last night I came home and he made a bunch of V-day cards for his ranch friends...photos forthcoming.


  1. these are ADORABLE! we just finally knocked out a total of 80!!! handmade valentine's for the girls' school and i'm tapped out. these are fantastic nicole! where did you get a. all the cute ribbons and b. that washi tape holder?

  2. My dad made the washi tape holder...get your husband on that!!!

  3. These arrows are SO FULL of love you girls!
    Love, love, LOVE 'em :)
    Happy Valentine's Day to your house from ours.


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