Sunday Queries

These are my questions for this Sunday afternoon:
1.) Will I cry at every church service this year?
2.) Will sermons on love always cause me to have conflict with my children?
3.) Why do pinterest tutorials look easier than they actually are?
4.) Why am I attaching glitter hearts to arrows for my 9 year old to give away?
5.) Why are we always out of dog food?
6.)Why do Sunday afternoons beg for naps and why is this afternoon busy?
Just a few queries.


  1. Just woke up ! A nap on Sunday seems to fit.

    Blessings to you,

    February 10 Happy 70 th Birthday , Sister Sharon
    Proverbs 10:29 The way of the Lord is strength to the upright
    ( walk in His way )

  2. I'm with you on most of these, especially number 3! :)

  3. I feel like I ask #6 EVERY Sunday!!!!!


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