random bits from a scattered mind

 My mind whirls in 1000 different directions.

There are dishes waiting to be washed, felted balls to be made, cut quilt pieces that are not magically sewing themselves into quilts my kids will cherish their whole live through.
The floor needs to be polished...the last floor cleaner stripped the shine.  I wish there were floor polishing fairies. I also wish for a pony and farm in a valley.

Titus the puppy, only moments ago was racing wildly in and out of the house, bounding over furniture and creating havoc.

The kids pleaded to watch "Wipeout"...ugh. really.

There are friends falling off the radar.  My friendship world is a bit of a mess...a hot mess really, but there is grace, I know because it is inked on my arms...grace that is.

I ate the most delicious salad for dinner tonight...lettuce and mache with avocado, crispy bacon, chopped dates and walnut bits cooked in the bacon fat (as a salad dressing)...not photo worthy but worth noticing...I ate salad because my family had Chinese food take out...which is not Paleo...AT ALL.

Speaking of Paleo and my all consuming obsession with food consumption...I am attempting a Whole30 this month tied in with taking the dog for an early morning walk/jog....it is only the 5th today and I ate 6 squares of mint dark chocolate and I am 1 for 5 on the jog part.  KINDA FAILING.
Again there is grace, and I know because it is inked on my left arm.

The kids and I watched this TED talk of Temple Grandin...we are big fans of Temple and Delia is writing a biography on her right now.  
Jude tells me, he can relate to Temple...pretty sure he can.

Then I watched this one about modeling with Cameron Russell.  I am all over the place.

Good news, I saw my eye specialist, the most lovely Dr Kim,  for Iritis(the curse). and blessed be...next time I need to go back is in 1 year.  If you are related to me paternally you can understand the rejoicing...kicking the Batem*n genes in the kneecaps. Unless, of course I have a flare up.
For those of you new to the saga...nearly 7 years of eye afflictions in the form of Iritis, surgery, medications, glaucoma, cataracts and NUMEROUS appointments.  Did I say numerous?

Also, went for my first mammogram today.  At the walk in clinic. Almost fainted.

I am reading the most wonderful book "Wonder"...Delia received it in her stocking and recommended it to me and to her homeschool group...to everyone really, so, go read it.

Speaking of homeschool...it is already time to think about educational plans for next year.  
When I am with homeschoolers I think, "Yep, another year of home school, awesome!".  
When I am with friends who don't home school I think, "Back to public school next year.  Free time.  A job perhaps. awesome!" 
Really, I have no idea and no clear direction.  This is not make or break.  Not right or wrong.  
God is letting me ride it out for now.  
Just trying to the best I can...today...not worrying about what I will do in August.
Just keep swimming.

Time sucks of late...pinterest and Ticket to Ride....for the past year or so.

That's all folks...I leave you with a photo of our giant cat, Jose and a very dirty window.
Dang those window cleaning fairies, they skipped my house, again.

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  1. Wait, you were not here in Seattle to see Dr. Kim the eye doctor?! Could there be two?
    And I love the story of Temple Grandin. True stories are more amazing than.....anything else.
    Blessings to you and your family,
    February 5, 2013
    Ecclesiastes 5:2 Do not be rash with your mouth, and do not let your heart be hasty to utter anything before God. For God is in heaven and you are on earth, therefore let your words be few.
    ( clear enough )


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