only hair

from up everyday...not top knot style.
More of a pulled back frizzle look.
 To "I wanna a pixie and look like Anne Hathaway"
To "It turns out I don't look like Ms Hathaway...nor do I have her team of folks that are hair and makeup experts."

 To " " I want a short pixie so my hair isn't curly.  Feminine not a boy cut. Maybe like Ellen."
To, I think the stylist heard me say " Please cut my hair like a 10 year old boy"

 To I LOVE IT...or will love it when the top stays down...by next week.
A less grey and less glamourous Jamie Lee Curtis.
Still me.
I was missing my short hair.
random tidbit: once a upon a time in my mid twenties.  I shaved my head. true story.


  1. Now you can say to your kids...once upon a time in my mid-twenties I shaved my head. Then in my 40th year I did it again, but left it a little long on top. I love it!!

  2. YOU my friend are one CUTIE! LOVE it!!
    And I DO remember your shaved head and it was and still is sheer beauty!
    Me, I like to think when I go super short (which I did last week) I am attempting my favourite actress, Dame Judy Dench!
    I am going to add a swash of blue come July when I go crazy for the summer.....bring it Baby!

  3. Oh wow... I love, love, love it. You are beautiful and this haircut really puts emphasis on your lovely neck and gorgeous jawline. You are a beauty. Much better than Jamie or Anne! :) love it. xo


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