oh, to be grateful

When ungratefulness tried to creep in, I find it is time to make a list of things I am grateful for...
in no particular order.
  • unexpected dinner guests
  • veggie boxes brimming with goodness
  • farm fresh eggs for breakfast
  • garden dreaming
  • summer scheming
  • steroid shots to quickly heal poison oak on the legs of a certain 10 year old
  • new mercies daily
  • shared joys
  • puppies romping in the water
  • sunshine filled days
  • music in the mornings
  • bearing burdens
  • green hills to hike
  • chatting with a friend
  • spring colors
  • blossoming trees
Just to name a few.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Safe travels in rush hour traffic, take-out vietnamese dinners, being met by a happy puppy, pre-schoolers with inquisitive minds and BIG stories and a peace that passes all understanding when I close my eyes at night.....I'll stop for today :)
    Love to hear your heart!

  2. i am grateful for travels that come to a safe end and little hands that hug my neck really tight sometimes. xo


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