not 52 but 12.

At the beginning of every year there is a blogosphere flurry of 365day and 52week projects.
The 52 week portrait series is brilliant...a great way to document how our children grow up in the course of a year.
Of course, committing to taking Jude and Delia's portrait 52 times in the next year is daunting.  
Plus I am late on joining in.
So, how about a 12 month series, in which I will capture the kids alone and make witty remarks about them.
Wanna play along?
Jude: age 10
Most days you wear shorts and an ESCAPE club tee.
You love the wild outdoors and you constantly thump and bang on things.
Bixby bridge view point...mini vacation with Nan.

Delia: age 9
Wildly creative with a seemingly endless imagination.
Seated here with a $10 lunch of brie and baguette.
Raising a true carb junkie of a foodie.

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