more scattered thoughts

My mind rumbles and rambles about with scattered thoughts.
I think about Lent and how I did not add in anything significant but isn't that okay?
  I wanted to have my forehead marked with ashes, just so I could remember and be counted in the with those who hold this Lenten season close to their heart.  
I know the ash smudge isn't magic...perhaps I thought I would be moved.  
There were big plans to read Claiborne's Common Prayer Book for Radicals.  
But, am I a radical?
The reality is that my everyday is a Lenten season of sorts...
a season of change and growth and startling silence.

This week I am working extra shifts at work while John is home with the kids, this simple act of adding hours of work to my week gives me a tremendous appreciation to working away from home moms. 
 I don't need the great working vs SAHM debate...simply not interested but I will say kudos to you. You know who are, you source, buy, cook, and bring home the bacon...or your share of the bacon.
Everyday my kids, who spend each and every day with me, want to know why I am going to work AGAIN.  Spoiled rotten those buggers.
If one more person tells me how busy they are or 
if they tell me the reason they can not see me is due to busyness, I think I might explode.  
Here is the memo:
Really busy.
Overly busy.
Too busy.
The only person I know who is not busy is my grandmother...and she is in her late 90's!
(and possibly my dad, except on Wednesdays)
The badge of busy is breaking us down.  
Leaving us empty, tired and overwhelmed instead of what we hope for...
importance, fulfillment and contentment.
This is not badge we should be wearing.
Your busyness does not make you better than me, holier than me or happier than me.
Or anyone else for that matter.
Your life and how you spend your hours does not trump anyone.
Your busyness makes you different from me, and me from you.
We all have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week.
Let us lay down the badge of busy and pick up a different badge.
I can name a few:
the badge of joy
the badge of courage
the badge of surrender
the badge of love
the badge of contentment
the badge of honor
the badge of sleep
Can you name a few more?

Okay one more rant.
As a child, remember reading "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."
Moved, I was not. Fantasy was not my thing...I liked and still like dramatic stories and historical fiction. (still do)
Last month the kids and I started listening to the series on audio.
Passing the time in the car.
Car schooling instead of homeschooling.
We started with " Lion, Witch, Wardrobe"
Then we listened to:
"The Horse and His Boy"
"The Magician's Nephew"
and currently we are listening to "Prince Caspian".
1/2 way through the series.
I need a road trip.
I love these stories.  They move me.
Change me and challenge me.
How can this be?
My favorite "take away" so far is when Aslan ( the lion) speaks to Shasta (the boy in The Horse and His Boy"),"I am telling you your story, not hers. I tell no one any story but his own."
I love this concept.
God is writing my story; telling me my story.  
Not yours. 
 Perhaps our stories meet and cross for a moment but God is telling me my story.
And telling you, your story.

go in peace my friends.
with all the love in the world
from me to you.


  1. My story....right......much needed....HUGS

  2. Love the reflection about busyiness. I find this situation as well and it makes me sad that others cannot be a bit more flexible in their schedules. What I mean by that--we cannot due XYorZ with you saturday because Susie has a soccer game. Soccer games only last an hour or so. In some cases I have stopped putting the effort in where its not reciprocated. Just makes me feel unimportant to others when they dont make an effort. Trying to be sensitive to at times people have private matters and at times need to veg on their couch with a good book or TV to re-charge vs being aroung others. Life is complex with its ups and downs.WMS

  3. I've been thinking and reflecting on this "The Horse and His Boy" scene ever since you told us about it. Such a great story to remember whenever I am filled with the NEED to KNOW WHY?

    I am so with you on the busy thing. REALLY dislike it when people say they can't do this or that because they are "so busy."

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog--how funny that we both have Delia Janes! :) I love your thoughts on Lent, and I was challenged through reading them to examine my own faith and motivations. Thanks for sharing!

  5. pick up a different badge! Yes. This is wise and wonderful!


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