life giving

 You know those places, those seemingly magical spots on this earth,
 that fill your soul and renew your body.  
Everyone has a different place, a secret garden of sorts. 
 Perhaps that place changes with the seasons of ones life. 
Perhaps those life giving, reconnecting pieces of heaven are found in more than one place.  
That is possible, isn't it?

 My secret garden is really an open park of a wild ridge a few minutes drive from our home.
We call it "the ridge".
This is my favorite time of year to go...
when the ponds are full, the mustard is growing, the birds are singing and the grass is green.

 Several times of week we take Titus for an off leash run up here...
Jude and Delia get to run off leash as well.

 If you couldn't see the golden gate bridge in the distance, and hear the roar of the freeway, you might, just might, imagine you were strolling the lake district in the UK.
I am trying to take as many friends as I can to these hills...so they can see the beauty, breath the fresh air and so we might make memories in the great outdoors.

Magical places have magical times of the day...
as the sky displays the glory, the palette of a heart at ease.
I think they call this eventide...after the sun sets it is the gloaming.
Eventide, so poetic.
When we walk these hills, when the winds whips around our head, when the red wing blackbird calls, when the puppy bounds and the children cheer; with the inhale and exhale of each breath there is life.
And peace and rest.
Did I mention peace?


  1. I love to hear the song of the red wing black bird on a walk! I wish I could walk the ridge with you. Someday. This is a happy moment...baby is sleeping, boy is with daddy, and I'm going to finally catch up on your blog, which I have been missing!

  2. ummm are you kidding me? this is just minutes from your home? jealous. that is all. really. really. jealous. xo


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