for fun and for fun times

 Every time we pass this sign we talk about stopping and taking a photo,
this time John stopped.

 Fun times at the snow.
Yes, for those of you who live in near the snow, we drive to the snow, spend the day in the snow and then drive home again...to where there is no snow.

 Ice fun.

 John took the littles to the snow for the day.
Snowball war kinda fun.

 More fun times.
Jude at his first swim meet.
Making personal bests.

 Swim Jude, swim.


  1. Where are you guys doing swimming? V has expressed an interest.

  2. I love driving to the snow, having fun, and leaving it behind when done!

  3. Do you think we might drive close to Cordelia California when we come on our road trip to Saulsilito ? ( spell check does not know how to spell it either Ü )
    March 8
    Proverbs 8:33 Hear instruction and be wise
    ( listen up )


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