Vanilla Roasted Pears

Is there another fruit as tasty as pears?
I think not.
Now, imagine those pears roasted with butter, vanilla beans and a wee bit of brown sugar.
Just imagine the golden goodness and bits of tasty heaven.
Vanilla Roasted Pears.
 make some!

Find several lovely, firm pears....any kind will do...
I used bartlett and the next time I used Bosc.
Locate a lemon, a vanilla bean, good butter (Kerry's Gold) and brown sugar
Pre-heat your oven to 375
Slice the pears in half and core them (I used a melon baller).
Place pears in dish ( I used a tart pan) cut side up.
Squeeze lemon juice over pears.
Place a dab of butter on each pear half.
Sprinkle pears with brown sugar (you don't need much just enough to caramelize)
Open the vanilla bean and scrap seeds onto the pears.
Pop those pears into the oven and walk away for about 20 mins.
Flip the pears over for an additional 15 mins and continue to bake.
The smell will be unbelievable.
Remove pears from oven when soft and caramelized.
Flips pears over so cut side is up.

Serve with whipped cream, ice cream or a simple cup of tea.
Or simply eat by hand over the baking dish.

The next time I made vanilla roasted pears, they were even more juicy, sweet and irresistible.
See what works for you, change up the variety of pears, amount of sugar and cooking time.
Be flexible.
Pretty much every fruit is tasty roasted with a hint of sugar and a dab of butter.
Wouldn't you say?


  1. Yum. Yum. Yum! I need to go to the market right now!!! delish. xo


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