school...art school

 Last week, on self directed Friday we had art class.
Borrowing a lesson from "Art Lab for Kids"
We focused on gouache and perused the online portfolio of local artist Lisa Congdon (I am a big fan!).

 A quick tutorial on mixing, paint brushes, hues and pencil sketching.
The fine art of adding just the right touch of white or sepia.
Prior to painting we read "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde so swallows were on our minds.
And dragons apparently.

 Documenting what we mixed on a scrap piece of paper.

 Creativity at work.

 I had forgotten how much I love to paint with gouache and how wonderful hours of creativity fly by.
I need to paint more often....just for the fun of it.

 The following day, we filled in details with fine tipped markers.

A sample of the finished work.

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  1. You folks have such beautiful hearts and brush strokes! Paint on!!


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