With every new year , from everywhere, comes the extra burden and pressure of creating new traditions, resolutions or change.
Everywhere you look there are tips to create a "better you", de-clutter the home or empower yourself or lose those dreaded 10 pounds...
because as you know all those things will give you a happier outlook and fill your cup.
These resolutions in of the themselves are not evil they merely set us up for failure and heaven knows we embrace the cloak of failure easy enough with out these added requirements.
Don't get me wrong, I like goals in the new year. 
Take last year for instance...to extend grace, to love more freely, to see the lonely and so on.  
All wonderful goals for a lifetime and honestly I succeed and failed on all of them.
Some folks gather a word for the new year.
This is a fantastic idea...my sister has been doing this for years before the blog world ran wild with the concept.
A word to strive for, a word to ponder, a word to embrace, a word to live by.
Obviously, I like that idea...grace and love are inked on my arms.
As I reflect on 2012 and ponder 2013, I am grateful for this blessed life, 
even in the hard times, in the situations that are wrought with doubt, in the memories of good times.
As far as word of the year, I will cling to a couple phrases:

So, as 2013 unfolds,  let's hope together for peaceful days, for full bellies, for friends gathered around the table, for grace upon grace upon grace, for pockets of stillness and kindness that abounds.
Let's hope for shared tears  of joy and sorrow, for new mercies in the morning, for love.  
Let's hope for the ability to abide and the ability to embrace.  
For loving the unlovable, for forgiving with all our heart, for seeing the lonely and carrying the burdens of others.
Let's hope for joy, unspeakable joy.  

PS:   One Word 365 is a great place to get connected with your "word of the year"

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