Friday evening out on the town with Wendy and Laurie.
 Pretending we were in Paris, we dined on fine food out of doors.
Beneath a canopy of lights and Christmas cheer.
 Christmas decor continues.
I spend a large chunk of time trying to get all the lights working...to no avail.
 Delia and I co-hosted a kids craft party.
Painted angels, glittered animals, created crepe trees and made fancy ornaments.
 A big thank you to my assistant (not photographed) Dee.  
I could NOT have done it without her.
 Party gals.
 Sunday afternoon creativity stretch.
Letterpress class.
Have I ever mentioned my love of letterpress?
More on the workshop to come.
Of course there was the usual weekend activities of church, family games, good food, play time and music.
These weekend posts remind me of this good and blessed life.
How was your weekend?


  1. My weekend was great! Oh...except I forgot to get my daughter to this very cool craft party she was invited to.


  2. Thanks for the great party, and the shout-out. I had a little giggle earlier when I read the post, before your correction. I knew what you meant, though.

  3. kids craft party...what a fun idea! Did you make up the crafts or find them online (and have a link to post)?


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