the process: letterpress love

For as far back as I can remember, I have loved the look, feel and art of letterpress.
The typography.
The lead and wooden typeset.
The letterpress drawers.

Awhile ago, I took a watercolor/letterpress class at Olive Route.
I loved it.
The hands on aproach.
The smell of the ink.
The crank of the press.
The creativity .
I enrolled in another class, this past weekend.
We were instructed to bring a 6 word phrase that we would typeset and print.

Settling on Mother Teresa's quote weeks prior to the class, I got to work collecting the letters.
We were paired up with a partner and for me it was a good friend, Alex.

The process starts with a quote and then a sketched plan and then the collection of type.

After much adjusting of moveable type, reglets, furniture and quions...and help from the class assistants, the first print is taken.
This is where you can see how it will look and catch any mistakes.
This is the process.
Thinking outside the box...reversing the letters and words.
The moving things around, flipping what is backwards, correcting typo's.
This process is like life, I suppose.
Tightening, loosening, rearranging, shuffling furniture, reprinting. and enjoying the process.
Can you spot my errors?

Yet another error.
Funny, how one mistake overshadows another.
Wait, is this yet another metaphor for life?

Onward to the printing.
The inking, the cranking and the printing.

There I was, learning to do small things.
Living out a dream and flexing my creativity muscle.
All the while knowing that I wish to learn more about letterpress.
Perhaps enroll in a class at Kala.

In the process and of the process.
The beauty of it.

The final product.
Limited edition, 17 prints.
A daily reminder.


  1. That was a big thing with great love!

  2. this is lovely. i want to take a letterpress class with you! i've done other printmaking but not letterpress....

  3. Can I buy one of the 17 limited edition prints? I LOVE this quote...as you well know! :)

  4. So awesome! You did a great job. I even like the "messed up" one". Its cute and quirky! Xo

  5. woooohooooo...santa nicole came to my house!! thank you, friend!


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