the city at christmas

 Embracing the spirit of the season, we headed into the city to see the lights, hang with loved ones and to eat some good treats.

 Kittens in Macy's windows always delight.
Puppies too.

 Baubles, Christmas balls and lights all aglow.

 Photo Op at Union Square.

 Introductions to Tiffany's.

 Their window displays are spectacular, charming and make a gal wish for a robins egg blue box wrapped in red ribbon.

 The hustle and  bustle of the city at this time of year.

 Floor to ceiling lights, comfy couches to refresh and darling villages in hotel lobbies.

 Staying in the spirit.
Reminding us of "Miracle on 34th Street".

The awe and joy of the season.
A wonderful tradition of trudging through the streets of SF and ending at the Ferry Building for a good cup of coffee or in some cases a poutine burger or a gelato.


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