Meet Titus

 Just because we like to multiply our madness with goodness and divide with craziness.
Just because our family story needs another chapter.
 Just because puppies need forever homes.
 Just because kids grow up too fast and dogs teach many great lessons.
 Just because I said we would not get a young puppy and thought a 1yr+ dog would be best.
Ha....Titus is a 15 week old (25lb) pointer mix of a mutt.
 Just because backyards and families need redemption and hope.
Just because that smile on her face says it all.
Just because goodness, craziness, hope, joy, sorrow, madness are part of life and puppies make the world a better place.
Meet our sweet Titus.


  1. I think Titus is fantastic, but I'm not sure John agrees! I can't wait to meet him and love on him a bit.


  2. Yay so happy for you! Hi Titus!

  3. I LOVE him! I'm enamored with pointer-mixes and look forward to that next chapter in our lives. :) Enjoy!

  4. Aww- congrats- he's so cute!

  5. oops i accidentally said 15mths when Titus is actually 15 weeks.

  6. Welcome Puppy Titus!!!
    I see fun and loads of lovin' in every spot!

  7. thank you for the love. stay tuned for the madness.

  8. Adorable! So glad you found a match. I grew up with a pointer, wonderful choice.

  9. HOW FUN! I'm excited to see the adventures of Titus!

  10. seriously, how do you bake and not eat it, ms paleo? no.self.control.
    but loads of props to you! (and yes this is a misdirected comment, but i couldn't comment on the other post bc comments are now closed :))


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