in the kitchen

 I love food and I love to cook.
I often wish I had more time in the day to devote to cooking.
That sounds strange I know since I cook all the time and we eat a minimally processed diet but...
I don't always photograph, document and blog about my cooking endeavors.
Last week I was craving a bit of sweetness so I googled paleo cookies.
Inspired by this recipe, I set my hand at adapting the recipe.

My adaptations were using almond meal (a coarser  texture),  opting for maple syrup instead of honey and adding coconut flakes.
Delish and addictive. paleo-ish
I have made these 3 times. Yikes.

 The other day I was given a passel of fresh from the tree figs.
The fragrance of figs filled the kitchen.
The questioned begged, "What can I whip up with these babies?"
Inspired by this recipe I filled the house with the most heavenly figgy scent.

In a nutshell, you split those figs in half on a parchment lined pan,
drizzle them with a dash of olive oil and maple syrup.
Sprinkle with a pinch of salt, grind of pepper and thyme.
Bake until the juices flow.

I imagine that these maple roasted figs would be wonderful eaten over thick creamy yogurt or vanilla ice cream but since I do not eat dairy, I simply ate them warm out of the pan.
Paleo candy!
If you have extra figs kicking around, roast them to deliciousness and eat them one by one.
Did you know that grapes are absolutely amazing roasted too?

What is cooking in your kitchen?  Share a recipe or two.


  1. I ate fresh figs for the first time in my life in Northern Cal straight off the tree last fall. Amazing! So different from the dried figs I grew up eating at holiday time. Sadly figs require a warmer zone than our prairie 2a.

  2. A dear friend sent me a sweet note and a gift in the mail...THANK YOU, dear friend! With a boy recovering from pneumonia, it was a blessing at a needed time in life.
    Please forward on your recipe for paleo cookies. I have done a lot of paleo baking, but not cookies! I have started my own binder with all the recipes I try that I love! I shall send you a few....Steph xoxoxo


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