counting blessings

Counting my blessings even when I feel grouchy.
In the counting there is blessing and that makes all the difference.

Won't you count with me.
Make your own list of blessings...even if you don't want to...trust me, you'll feel better.

Count onward...

-fresh roasted almonds
-floppy puppy paws
-nightly read alouds with Delia
-receiving the first holiday card of the season in the mailbox
-family photos on front of a faded barn
-Sunday afternoons with friends
-planning the gift giving
-Jude's tousled swim hair
-turkey pesto soup
-stormy days and a cozy home to take shelter
-freezer full of grass fed beef
-season of advent just around the corner
-combining new and old traditions
-short commutes
-family game night
-unexpected moments of joy
-citrus season


  1. -new blog posts -five episodes in a row of friday night lights with husband -studio time -snuggles with my girls -sore muscles from working out -my mom's smile -a warm, dry house -sitting on the couch after a long day -cozy scarves

  2. -gluten-free chocolate chip scones -having a job -swimming -the weekend -crockpot meals -my bible study -blue sky -Christmas parties -my mom


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