weekending part 2

 Weekending in the Santa Ynez valley en route to Simi Valley.
Apple picking.

 Token pumpkin patch at the orchard.

 Santa Barbara Mission.

 Combining a bit of history school work with vacation.


 A quick lunch/afternoon break at the beach.
To which Judah requested future beach vacations.
he wants to stay in a house on the beach...for a few days.
 Mixed in with wedding events was visiting with friends,
catching up with cousins and a morning at Reagan Library with Grandpop.

 In front of Air Force One.

 Sporting team colors with a suit.

 Sporting the colors.

 The dancing queen hamming it up.
Dancing, photo booth, magic and lion dances, oh my!

 Mr & Mrs.

Topping of the weekend with champagne and ginger ale.
World Series Champs...SF Giants!


  1. Looks like fun! I love your dress at the wedding. Is/was John growing a play-off beard? Do they do that with baseball? ;)

    1. thank you for te dress compliment...a bit flashy for me but i loved it.
      of course it was a play off beard!


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