cultivating creativity-30 days of grace and love day 19

Cultivating creativity is not a simple as it sounds, even when you have a part time
Cultivation takes time, not only in hours but in energy and often resources.
In my craft hoarding, I have the tools to attempt many crafts...many many...
you name, it I can likely wrangle it up.
Except a Vandercook.

Maybe someday, I could take you out back to my little (imagined) studio and there will sit my every own letterpress...while I am dreaming I will throw in a view of the sea and faithful golden retriever.

 Earlier this week I exercised my creative side by attending a letterpress and watercolor class at a local printer...olive-route.
For as long as I can recall in my adult life, I have wanted to try letterpress printing.
I love letterpress.
Glance around my home and you will see the proof is in the puddin'.

Half way through the class, I felt like Julia Child, finally figuring out what I want to do with my life at the ripe age of 40...I think Ms Child was 37.

See my work (flower illustration not my artwork as letterpress images were made available for us) but I printed the poppies and added watercolor...and tried my hand at editions.
Currently, I am scheming taking a letterpress class in the new year at the SF Center for the Book.
hint hint, Christmas is coming
In the meantime, I am signed up for a poster making class and a food styling workshop.
Making the time to be creative.  
Investing the time to learn new skills.
Taking the time to love what I am doing.
Just like that love pops up again.

 I keep telling you love and grace...hand in hand.


  1. Hey, your imagined studio is beside mine so can I borrow your press some time? You can borrow my pottery kiln anytime! I hear the view of the ocean is beautiful in both spots :)

  2. how awesome!! so excited for you. :) the poppies are beautiful!

  3. I love the poppies! I'll do a stained glass studio on your ocean lane and your golden retriever can play with my black lab. Sounds like a wonderful place!

    (Now I really must get back to work!)



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