30 days of grace & love

 I am a follower.
Sometimes a leader but mostly swayed by others.
A bossy follower, perhaps.
When I read FlowerPatchFarmgirl today and her 31 days of going,
along with the link up to Nester, where folks are linking up their 31 days, I knew I needed to play along and that my days should not be counted by food or exercise, which is what I first thought of, but should be counted with my heart.
What is the point of having grace and love inked on my arms if my life is not marked by grace and love.
What exactly does it mean to live a life marked by grace and love?
I am opening my heart to God and journeying through the next month to discover if I can find an answer to my question.

30 days of grace & love day 1
i started late so it'll be 30 days not 31 days.

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  1. oh i love those tattoos! great to find you via the 31 project xx


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