30 days of grace & love day 7

Living out grace & love is simply living.
This afternoon I was sitting on the sofa, like a bofa.
Simply sitting.
Living in my living room.
Actually, I was mulling over a blog post about when pride gets in the way of grace and love.

In the late afternoon, on a sunny day, sunlight sparkles through a prism dangling from the front window, a science fair prize from several years ago.
When the sun hits the "rainbow maker" the room is aglow with sunlight and dances with rainbows.
Kinda like a disco.
If you look at the above photo you will notice the mini rainbows on the wall above the piano.
I wanted to capture the moment...because this is living out grace and love.
I tried to blog about it immediately.
The cursed computer gave me spinning rainbows and sluggish behavior.
Arg, bleh, sigh... just trying to write a post about love and grace.
When John came home, I was (STILL) anxiously attempting to post about love and grace.  
 I was losing my afternoon disco vibe and to top it off, grace and love were wearing thin.  
John wanted to know if I was going to write 30 days of heavy posts on grace and love, 
 I assured him I am not.
 I want to write about living out grace and love.
Today that meant loving the afternoon disco 
and sounds of the children playing Miwok in the backyard.
Grace meant being okay with letting it be, letting go of perfection and carrying on.
Carrying on meant that with love and grace, I warmed up leftover soup, grilled some cheesy sandwiches and served my family supper.
Grace and love, over and over, in and out.

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  1. is it wrong that i lol!! io can just see you, irritated as anything, scowling at the computer and yelling at the family...''just leave me will you, dont you know i am writing about grace and love!!''(not saying you did, but the picture in my head was hysterical!) xxx

    oh by the way we have a disco ball on our mantle that catches early morning light...we call it 'the magic' xxx


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