30 days of grace & love day 15

Pride gets in the way of grace and love.
So does selfishness and the lies we tell ourselves.
We get, or shall I say, I get busy trying bestowing grace and love on others.
 All the while ignoring the grace and love I need to accept.
Acceptance from others and from myself.
Letting the untruths stack up.
Here I am trying to seek the good in others, extending grace to others but
giving in to the lies I believe about myself.
Lies that I am not worthy to be loved, that I am failing, that I am a horrible friend, 
that my lack of preparations are a disgrace...and so on.
I need to be gracious to myself.
To show love and patience.
A bad day, a failure does not make.
A sloppy misplaced word, a gracious heart does not make.
Eggs for dinner, a lack of love for my family does not stand.
Shall we not try to extend a little grace to ourselves?
Accept the love.
Was it not given to us as a gift from the Giver of all good and perfect gifts?
Let us be a more than a little bit gracious.
Can you do that?

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