30 days of grace and love...give or take...wrapping it up.

Documenting 30 days of grace and love has turned out to be harder than I originally thought.
Much like life actually.
I lost track of the days, forgot to start on October 1st, the skipped blogging a few times and generally got caught up in the busyness of life.
Some days the grace comes easy and effortless and the love flows.
The next day or even the next minute love is trapped in angry words,
judgmental thoughts and cattiness.
Does that mean I have lost grace and love?
No, quite simply, I am human and my sinful, prideful heart gets in the way.
I know grace.
 Grace has been given to me.
I know love.
Also given to me.
Yet, I know them not.
I think I know...but I have no idea.
I dole out little bits here and there, patting myself on the back.
Look at me, so full of grace and love.
When really I need God's love and grace...all day, everyday.
Grace upon grace upon grace upon grace.
I am learning that the sparkle and wonder of love and grace can not be packaged or wrapped up in a blog post or a series of post, in a month or years.
For they are living , breathing ever changing things.
I can not live without them.
Let us go forth,
embracing grace and love.

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