30 days of grace and love day 17

Wendy challenged me to see grace and love as sparkling effervescent things 
instead of somber, sober things.
She is right.
She also reminded me not try and tame them into 30 days.
Right again.
Here I am, day 17 on the 18th trying wrangle them.
To understand how to live out grace and love.
To make sense of them in my heart, my life and my soul.
Taking grace and love off my arms and swinging them wildly about.
Sparkling and effervescent don't reflect this troubled heart.
Oh, there is joy and peace but not always shiny and wrapped in a tidy package.
Simply life, with ups and downs and all it's beauty.
Isn't that just like grace and love,
a tumbling fistfight between grace and real life?
I am not sure I can write 13 more days on grace and love.
It is all a big fat mystery,
 grace and love.

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