30 days of grace and love day 16

Through the glass the puppies tumbled over one another, 
clamoring for a chance to jump up to the window. 
Their brindled heads and big clumsy paws knocking into one another.
Quite literally a dog pile.
15 week old rescued mutts.
Adorable and irresistible.
I knew those puppies were there, 
or at least a good chance that some of them would still be available for adoption. 
 I also knew today would not be the day a puppy would join our family.
Yet, when the kids asked to stop by the pet rescue, I obliged.
With a caveat, "Only looking, not meeting and not adopting".
My mama wisdom was off.  
I was tired and weak but I reasoned, I don't always want to say "no".
"No" comes to quickly these days, 
perhaps the requests are too numerous, which they certainly are, 
or perhaps there is too much in the asking, likely the case.
Off we went, merrily along.
To look.

There they were, that dog pile of puppiness,
big pawed and bright eyed, wagging their tails in anticipation.
I knew I could not meet those puppies, dog to person.
I'd be a softie and the next thing I'd know we would be a 2 dog family.
I watched, with mama keenness as the excitement level rose in the kids.
Who could blame them,
room after room and kennel after kennel of dogs that need a family.
When the begging, from Jude and Delia began, I knew it was time to get out of dodge.
Yet, as I moved us outside the words spewed towards me.
Words of hurt and frustration.
Accusations of unfairness.

I was humbled.
How often do I spew those kind of words when life is unfair?
Wasn't I, as a mom, loving on Jude and Delia?
I thought the terms were clear. 
 Again, I was humbled.
Love doesn't always work like that.

Later apologies were exchanged and all was forgiven.
Those words of tenderness and grace.
And there I have it again...
grace and love.
Walking hand in hand.

this is a cat, not a dog.
but  posts and photos go hand in hand.

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  1. Oh my gosh, i know this post is about a tender moment od awareness, but it must be said... "dog pike of puppiness" and "this is a cat, not a dog" had me giggling out loud. Seriously? Those could be one liners in a movie or snl skit.


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