30 days of grace and love day 14

There are 1000 things I want to learn about grace and love.
A 100 things I want to say and write.
Grace and love can not be contained.
I knew that already.
I am not trying  to contain them, simply live them out.
Embracing a life of grace and love.
A day in day out lifestyle choice.
Does it mean I always choose grace first?
Does it mean my heart, my words and my attitude are filled with love.
Day after day and moment after moment I stop mid thought, mid sentence, mid attitude to adjust.
I seek forgiveness and cease the judging and try, try again.
Just because grace and love are inked on my arms, doesn't mean they are my first stop.
No, they are my first reminder.
Not always heavy, not often light, never far and always near.

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