30 days of grace & love 3

"I was only a little bit gracious", Delia stated.
 I overheard those words and they caught me off guard, surprised me caused me to pause.
"A little bit gracious".  
She was talking about sharing silly bandz with her friend, 
recognizing that she had not shared all she could with her friend.
Thus the "little bit".
I paused.
I pause.
Isn't that just my heart attitude?  
"Only a bit" of graciousness.
Extending only a small portion of grace.
Sharing only a bit here and there.
Safe guarding grace.
For what?
Why a small portion, when the whole lot of grace has been given to me?
The full share from the One who is Grace.
Isn't it just the way grace works?
Unmatchless, unmerited favor.


  1. I love this post - the importance of giving fully knowing that all of what I have is truly not mine but the Lord's.

    Take care friend!


  2. i love the honesty of kids and doesn't this just describe the world's attitude...and mine! give a little but not all! something to truly think about! lovely post x


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