weekend crafting

 Over the weekend I had a mini intro-to-sewing workshop.
One on one style with a teenage family friend.
Since, I am self taught and full of self doubt, we went simple.
A totebag...a great intro to a sewing machine, straight stitch, pattern following, basic construction.
I used the totebag pattern from Last Minute Patchwork &  Handmade Gifts.
Next time, we will tackle a zippered pouch and perhaps pj pants.

 From my stash of fabrics we each chose coordinating fabrics... top, bottom and lining.
We made an interior pocket and used twill tape for straps.
Fun to teach...fun to sew.

 Often I wish I had a sewing room, so I could whip up projects in the in between moments of the day.
but i am grateful for this home 
My kitchen table will suffice.

 I used a marimekko scrap on muslin.
Most of Monday was spent on sewing and crafting.

To top things off, I channeled my inner thrift-spend, as I altered several clothing pieces.
Those with linings, I dropped at the alteration shop but instead of buying new clothes in my new size (down 3 sizes!!!).  I am feeling homemaker-ish by mending and making due with what I have and love. Just doing my part for the war effort.

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