weekend bits and bobs

golden gate park, SF
Happy Friday.  
The end of the week and the beginning of yet another full weekend of goodness.  
Do you have plans for the weekend?
We have swim team volunteer hours of beach clean up, plans to brew beer, work, there is church, visits with Grandma E, likely a Catan battle, possibly a trip to a dog rescue and we kicked off the weekend with a little birthday celebration for Delia.
Lots of good stuff.
I found some good stuff around the web lately.
Have you found anything cool you want to share?
Kinda like show and tell.
I'll go first...

-contented sparrow has a new printable.
-Brooke is back...yippee.  Can't wait to see all the details of her new home.
-Have you seen the trailer for Lincoln and I want to see it...plus Daniel Day Lewis!
-Lisa Congdon has a new font and I love it.
-Spoonflower is rocking the world with wallpaper now. I wish I wasn't a renter!

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