school away from home: the capitol

 What started out as a home school tour of the Capitol Building in Sacramento, ended up being a private tour, just us the the guide.

 Last year we took a tour of the Capitol too.

 There is so much to learn in one building.
The history is interesting, the art work amazing and 

 the fun little details baffling.
Like this gargoyle hidden among the oak leaves.
There are also backwards tiles and other little secrets.

 History in the making.
Technically on recess but here is where history can be made.

Of course, the schooling away from home did not end there, we turned the day into a  whirlwind with a drive up into gold country to Indian Grinding Rock Park. 

 Thus began the Miwok play/activity in our backyard.
From Navajo to Miwok and beyond.

 The grinding rock.

The temperature soared in the gold country, so, we made a
quick stop in Sutter Creek for ice cream and antiquing...

 and at a gourd/veggies stand.
Gourds are necessary when playing Miwok in the backyard.
For celebration rattles and such.

Schooling happens everywhere.
On field trips, at ice cream shops and in the car.
Maybe this year should be called car schooling or fieldtrip schooling not home schooling.


  1. hey! stopping by from beauty that moves...looks like a great day! We love hands-on learning!

  2. You all do the BEST field trips and ice cream to boot! Maybe this will lead to a science experience of making your own unique ice cream flavours at home....what about all those California lemons....mmm....!

  3. love that "schooling happens everywhere"


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